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 Internships in Israel:

Destination Israel brings to you an opportunity to participate in our long or short-term Israel internship program. In a highly competitive job market, you need to make yourself stand out. Internships, therefore, are crucial for you before you can embark on your chosen career path. Whether you are a student, recent graduate or on a path to change careers, our internships in Israel will polish your resume with opportunities that many never get. Our internships in Israel are supported by over 400 leading companies from all major professional fields, such as:

• Haaretz Newspaper
• Time Out Israel Magazine
• WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization)
• Fashion TV
• ForexPros

Our Career Growth Internship Placement Coordinator will work directly with you to find your ideal internship. We can have you working and studying underneath accomplished artists just as easily as we can have you reformatting the entire marketing strategy of a start-up. We offer internships in Israel in any field that you are interested in. If we don’t already work with the relevant company, we will! Here are some of the fields we currently have interns in:

• Business
• Finance
• Hi-Tech
• Communications
• Arts
• Non-Profits
• Education
• Environment
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Internships are the most effective way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field. Our internships in Israel make candidates more competitive in the job market. Think of it this way: as an employer, who will give you the most value for your money – a recent graduate with little to no experience or one with at least one solid internship on their resume?



Center of Israel

Internships in Tel Aviv & Internships in Israel : Tel Aviv Internship Experience

The Career Growth Experience doesn’t only offer you some of the best internships in Israel, it also offers you living arrangements in some of Israel's most sought-after locations. You will be residing in Yafo (Jaffa), only a few minutes from Tel Aviv! Our apartment-style facilities are located only moments away from the markets, night life, restaurants and shopping centers. You will be only a short ride outside of the heart of Tel Aviv. With such an enticing combination of work and life, Destination Israel’s Career Growth Experience is one of the top programs for internships in Israel.



Why You Should Choose Destination Israel

Our internships provide you with practical work experience. You will be treated just as any regular employee! We ensure that you get the proper training and hands on experience in the field of your preference. Destination Israel’s participants receive:

Internships in Tel Aviv & Internships in Israel : Tel Aviv Internship Experience
Long-Term: 5 months 

• Apartments in various locations throughout the city
• Transportation to/from place of work
• Up to 64 hours of Hebrew classes at a municipal Ulpan
• Trips once per month throughout Israel
• Partners Program - partnership with Israeli peers
• Educational seminars on Israeli culture, politics, history, current events, etc.

 Destination Israel helps you set the foundation for your career!