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Social Entrepreneurship Experience:

The Social Entrepreneurship Experience program in the Galilee is a highly subsidized opportunity geared mainly towards budding Social Entrepreneurs in the Jewish world between the ages of 21 to 28. The successful participant is one who has been involved in entrepreneurial ventures in the past and can demonstrate a capability to work independently and with resourcefulness in the pursuit of their passions. The participants will be provided a laboratory in friendly and welcoming communities in the Galilee to pursue their social ventures and will be given coaching, mentoring and training in the process from Israelis who specialize in social entrepreneurship. The participants will travel Israel, receive Ulpan training, be connected with warm and friendly host families, meet Israeli peers, and receive education regarding issues and current events affecting the Jewish community in the United States and Israel.  A key component to the program is the 8 part Social Entrepreneur Empowerment (SEE) program where participants will gain insight, training and inspiration from successful Israeli Social Entrepreneurs impacting life in the Galilee. This one of a kind opportunity will enhance the resumes of its participants in a unique and meaningful way as well as provide invaluable experience to help for a successful career for its participants.


See Galilee : Volunteer in Israel


1. Social ventures created by recent participants include:

  • Create the first youth girls basketball league
  • Create the first organic farming education program at the local high school
  • Create the first of its kind 3 day start up conference for entrepreneurs in the Galilee

2. Intensive Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Program (SEE) 

3. Low cost through significant subsidies. The program will pay the $3,000 Masa Israel subsidy for those who do not qualify.

4. Experience “real" life in Israel, living in Israel's Northern periphery, in Kfar Vradim

5. Option to apply for one additional five-month session.


See Galilee Program Components and Benefits

All participants of the See Galilee program get to enjoy the following core components and benefits:
Low Tuition

When factoring in plane reimbursement and a monthly stipend, at a cost of only $1,500, this program is lower than most of any 5 month programs in Israel.

Flight Reimbursement

The program will reimburse the participant up to $2,000 of the cost of travel to Israel after 90 days of successful participation of the program.

Monthly Stipend

Participants will receive $200 stipend a month.

Meaningful Service Opportunities

While creating their social venture, participants will be given the opportunity to volunteer in the community in areas of their interest. 


Participants will receive a transportation stipend of $60 per month for program related travel expenses in the north.

Trips & Special Excursions

Participants will enjoy educational excursions throughout Israel - exploring Israel's truly unique cities through 10 days of trips.

Host Families

Participants are offered to be paired with an Israeli host family with whom they can enjoy Holidays, Shabbat dinners and family outings.

Educational Enrichments

Participants will learn about a variety of topics related to Israel including culture, history, politics, religion and current events and social entrepreneurship.


 Your tuition will be only $1,500 (the price includes airfare) for the entire 5-month program in social entrepreneurship in Israel.