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Community Involvement

Destination Israel offers long and short-term volunteer programs in Israel. We help you along your path to achieve tikun olam, which the global Jewish community recognizes as the chief purpose of life: to contribute to society in some way to make things better. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics:

• Approximately 1 in 4 Israelis live below the poverty line (21% / 1.7 million)
Classified as individuals earning less than 2,820 NIS per month ($756)
• 40% of Israeli children are at risk of poverty
• 1 in 10 families suffer from hunger (19% of population)
• Half of all Israelis earn under 5,812 NIS per month ($1,557.25) while the cost of living exceeds that of the USA

Volunteering in Israel : Volunteer Programs in Israel
Destination Israel brings to you an opportunity to participate on our Israel volunteer programs in some of the most vulnerable populations. We offer you a variety of opportunities to volunteer in the educational and/or community frameworks, ranging from volunteering in schools, youth at risk centers, food kitchens to places such as animal shelters. Through our partnerships with municipality governments, schools and community-based organizations, we ensure that you can have an impact! As a participant in our Israel volunteer programs, you will focus on building strong communities, becoming role models for youth-at-risk, supporting cooperation among local Arab and Jewish residents, teaching English along with other opportunities. Wherever your passions lie, Destination Israel will help you put them to use!


Volunteering in Israel : Volunteer Programs in Israel
Ramla is the perfect city to come to and make a huge impact in Israel. It is a city of low socio-economic status but rich with diversity. It is predominantly a Jewish city with a significant Arab minority; 24% of its residents are immigrant communities from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.

With a relatively high poverty rate, many families in Ramla struggle to make ends meet. Children, like usual, bear the brunt of the difficulties causing them to end up involved with crime, rebellious in schools, etc. Only 47% of Ramla’s senior high school students graduate with a Bagrut matriculation certificate – a certificate that is required to continue to higher education. By participating in volunteer programs in Israel, you will be part of making a change in their lives! Whether it is ensuring them a proper education or providing food for them and their families, you will in a gentle way shake the status quo.

Located conveniently between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (only 8 miles away) Ramla is a brief bus or train ride from either city. The city blends the beautiful modern and ancient aspects of Israel. Historical landmarks, such as the White Tower and the Pool of Arches, fill the streets with the captivating smells of exotic foods from the shuk (outdoor market) and an array of different languages you hear from passersby. Participants live in beautiful fully furnished apartments or villas in some of the most desired locations of the city. You will be living within a 15-minute walk of the famous Ramla shuk, which is full of shops, restaurants and more. By participating in Israel volunteer programs, you will become fully integrated into Israeli society. Destination Israel’s strong and intimate relationship with Ramla’s municipal government produces many benefits for our volunteers. The community’s gratitude for your contribution is felt in your daily life.

Why You Should Choose Destination Israel

In Ramla, you’ll emulate the principles of social justice and responsibility while experiencing some of the best things that Israel has to offer. You will get the insider’s perspective of what the “real” Israel is all about and make friendships that last a lifetime. As a Destination Israel participant, you will be part of a bigger network consisting of 300 people on our programs at any given time. We bring together young Jewish adults from around the world; so, hand in hand, we can send forth a tiny ripple of hope throughout the world. Our participants that are on our volunteer programs in Israel receive:


Volunteering in Israel : Volunteer Programs in Israel

Long-Term: 5 months

• Fully furnished apartments or villas
• $250 per month stipend (starting after 60 days)
• 64 hours of Hebrew classes
• 10 days of trips throughout Israel
• Host families
• Educational seminars on Israeli culture, politics, history, current events, etc.
• Israeli Medical Insurance